About Pocket Nightmares


What Are They?

Pocket Nightmares are rare random enemies. Some of their stats operate differently from other creatures, and do not use many of the standard systems in place. Look up the What Are Their Limitations? section for more details on that.

Unless owned by a player, Pocket Nightmares will vanish when defeated in battle.

How Can I Collect Them?

You can capture Pocket Nightmares using the Gamer Succubus' or Trainer Succubus' "Throw Nifleball" skill.

Without access to one of these characters, Pocket Nightmares can be traded for, or bought in auctions, instead.

How Do I Get Those Succubi?

Visit the Pocket Nightmares Expansion lesson for more details.

What Are Their Limitations?

Pocket Nightmares are incapable of engaging in the following standard systems: