Rebirthing Creatures


Creatures can be reborn to level 1 for either a Credit or Coin cost to gain greater stats than a Superb. Currently this is a Credit Shop option that can be accessed here.

Please remember that Rebirthing will never turn a creature Superb quality. A Great at a Rebirth level of 99 will have .5 stat points lower than a Superb at Rebirth level 99.


A creature must meet the following prerequisites before it can be reborn:

  1. It must be level 99.
  2. It must have a name.
  3. It's Rebirth Level must be no higher than 124 for normal creatures or 99 for Limited Edition Soul Puppets and Nightmare Soul Puppets.


Rebirth level will be added to the creatures quality during stat calculations. This can improve its base growth to a level even higher than Superb depending on its original quality. For example, you would have to rebirth a Great creature twice to have the growth needed to top a Superb.

For example, a Superb with a Rebirth Level of 5 will receive 5 points to each attribute at level up instead of 2.5 like a normal Superb.


The following things will happen to a level 99 creature if it is reborn:

  • Tattoos will be lost.
  • Puppet Viruses will be removed.
  • Known skills will be lost.
  • Extra skills will be removed.
  • Its level will be set to 1.
  • Its base attributes will be equivalent to a level 1 of its species.
  • Its rebirth level will be increased by 1.
  • Its current experience will be set to 0.

Four Arms of Vishnu Exception

A creature's tattoos, equipment and skills can be retained during rebirth if you acquire the Credit Shop Key Item Four Arms of Vishnu.

Please note the following:

  • Tattoo effects will not activate until the creatures reaches the minimum level required for them to be applied.
  • Skills will remain unusable in battle until a creature reaches the required level to use them again.
  • The base attributes of equipment will remain unavailable until a creatures reaches the level required to make full use of them again.


The amount of experience needed to level up will increase by 5% per Rebirth level. So a creature that has a Rebirth Level of 5 will require +25% more EXP to reach level 99.

Note that when a creature reaches Rebirth Level 125, the EXP requirement will become more drastic and dynamic.