Auction House


The Auction allows you to purchase rare creatures, powerful equips, valuable marbles and essential quest materials from other players to aid you on your journey.


Currently the only auction house is Manon's. He is located inside the mansion within the Moonlit Graveyard.


Click the auction icon to begin auctioning your items. If you meet the prerequisites listed below, you can begin selling your items, creatures, equips or marbles.


In order to begin auctioning you must have at least 25 battle wins in your records. Go to "Player>Account" to see if you qualify.


There are exceptions to which of your goods you can auction, all related to creatures. You cannot auction a creature if...

  • has not been named.
  • is a Limited Edition Soul Puppet that is currently being given away for payments. You must wait until the month ends to auction these creatures.
  • is still an egg.

All of your active auctions can be tracked under "Player>Account>Auction List".

Credit Auctions

Users are not allowed to create auctions for Credit unless they have Support Status . This is to prevent abuses of the Credit system. If you would like to learn more about Support Status , please go here.

Like trades, All auctions have a tax. They are the following:

  • Credit received from auctions is taxed by 3%.
  • Coins received from auctions are taxed by 5%.

Tax in auctions contributes to the pots for the lotteries located right here.

Auction Space

To have more auction slots available for your use, you must purchase them with Credit . You can purchase these additional slots here.

Auction Length

To extend your auctions to a 30 day length - which is twice that of the default 15 - you can purchase the Credit Shop Key Item Permission Slip .

Game Over Wipe

Please note that if you incur a Game Over while any of your auctions are active, they and the products themselves will be wiped and lost to you forever.


Click the Search icon to quickly search the auction for anything you desire. The following is an explanation for each list:

Creature Searches
  • Species - What the type of creature you are looking for is. For example, Mermaid, Nymph.
  • Quality - The quality of the creature you desire. Note that only Superbs or Limited Edition Soul Puppets are usually sold at a high price.
  • Level - The level a creature you are searching for is near.
Equipment Searches
  • Type - The type of equip you are searching for. For example, Axe, Blade.
  • Req. Lvl. - The required level your creature must be to use the equip you are searching for.
Marble Searches
  • Type - Marbles can be of two types, "Buffs" or "Sicknesses".
  • Rarity - The more powerful a marble is, the rarer it is. Select the Rarity of the marble you desire here.
Item Searches
  • Type - Items can be of various types including, but not limited to, Usable, Cooking or Building. You can always leave the selection to "Any Type" to display all of them.

By default, you will search auctions regardless of the currency being asked for. However, toward the bottom of each search you can choose the type of the currency you are willing to pay, as well as the minimum and maximum amount you are willing to spend.


Click the image of an item you are interested in to view its details.


There are some restrictions to what you can bid on which are mostly related to creatures. They are the following:

  • Creature Unlocked - You must first have a creature unlocked before you can acquire it from the auction house.
  • Creature Level - You will need to be the required Player Level (View your own under "Player>Account") to purchase creatures above level 1.
  • Equip Level - You will need to be the required Player Level (View your own under "Player>Account") to purchase higher level equips.
  • Required Currency - You will need the required amount of currency to bid on a product. Please note that if you are not using a "Buy Now" option, that the Credit or Coins required will not be taken until the auction ends.

All of your active bids on other player's auctions can be tracked under "Player>Account>Bid Tracker".

Buy Now or Bid?

Buy Now is instant gratification for the buyer and seller. Use this to end an auction immediately and acquire the seller's product in exchange for the listed currency.

Bidding, on the other hand, will be a competition between you and other players to see who is willing to bid the most on a seller's product.

Keep in mind that any amount of a currency you bid will be held by the system so you cannot spam multiple auctions without having the resources to pay for them.

Note that to take the top bid, you must bid at least 5% more than the highest listed in that auction.


If you do not have the needed currency or space for a product, you will be penalized a specific amount of that currency when the bidding finally ends, and if you were the winner. The penalties are as follows:

  • Coins - You will be docked 25% of your coin bid regardless of whether or not you have that much. This means your amount could go into the negatives.
  • Credit - You will be docked 10% of your credit bid regardless of whether or not you have that much. This means your amount could go into the negatives.

When an auction expires the system moves down the list of bidders until it discovers a qualifying "winner".

Note to Sellers: If there are no winning bidders when an auction ends, the product will be returned to you. However, if you lack the needed space for the object, it will be sent to the Credit Shop - which is the case for equipment and creatures - or deleted all together like items and marbles.

Important Rules

There are several rules regarding the auction. They are as follows:

  • Do not use the auction as a method of storing creatures for a slightly reduced cost. You may be penalized several millions coins for this if the administrator or anyone else notices your intentionally ridiculous prices.
  • Do not use the auction as a method to transfer Credit to another account you own.
  • Do not use the auction so that you can transfer products and donkey another account due to storage limitations. You will be banned if you are caught.
  • Auctions between players from the same network are not allowed unless you are approved by a moderator or administrator.

It is recommended that you read the complete list of the game's rules right here.

Auction Notices

If you would like to enable or disable auction notices received in your in-game mail, please go to "Player>Account>Game Options>Auction Notices" and click "Turn it on" or "Turn it off" respectively.