Increasing a creature's element will both increase its offensive capabilities when utilizing said element and defensive ability when attacked by that element.

Keep in mind that the game makes no distinction between elemental healing and elemental damage.

For example: If an Efreet Efreet has 30% Fire Fire and an Marid has -30% Fire FireEfreet the Efreet will receive a 60% boost to its damage against Marid IF the following is true:

  • The Efreet has no other element higher than 30% Fire Fire during a normal attack of his. For example, if an Efreet has 40% Light Light it will be used instead of its Fire Fire and the Marid's Light Light affinity may resist it.
  • Efreet is using one of his many Fire Fire affinity skills, these will be boosted by his fire affinity regardless of his other elemental properties.

Skill Effects

If the Efreet uses the skill "Dragon Fire", his Fire Fire affinity, which is 30%, will be added to the skill's Fire Fire affinity, which is 10%, thus giving the skill a 40% Fire Fire boost.


Complete Elements List
Dark Increasing Darkness will decrease Light and vice versa. Light
Fire Increasing Fire will decrease Water and vice versa. Water
Earth Increasing Earth will decrease Wind and vice versa. Wind

The vast majority of equipment will increase one specific element's power and at the same time decrease the opposing element's power, functioning much like a double-edged sword.

You can increase every element a creature has by increasing MGC instead, since it raises all elemental affinities equally, but slowly. For example, both Fire Fire and Water Water will be increased by MGC.