How To Get Credit

If you would like to know the full benefits of Credit Credit , check out the Credit Shop anytime under Camp>Credit Shop and browse the useful items there.

Players should be advised that Credit Credit will not be granted for excessive whining, or sucking up to the Admin. It is earned only in the following ways:

Purchase Credit

Go here to learn how to send funds to help the game continue its existence.

As an added bonus there is at least one Limited Edition Soul Puppet that is given away Free when you buy the minimum amount of credit required.

To learn more about Limited Edition Soul Puppets, please go here.

Image Neko Alice Image of Kataneko Image of Spooky Neko Image of Red Cat
Monthly Events Bug Hunting

Participate in certain monthly events to earn varying amounts of Credit Credit .

For a list of monthly events and their rewards, please go here.

Report bugs with the "Help>Report a Problem" page. Your bug will then be rated. If it is a legitimate issue, you will receive a Credit Credit reward for your efforts.

Battling Enemies Adventuring

Earn 12 Credit Credit by completing 6 battles every 6 hours!

Send your additional parties off on an adventure to get you some extra Credit Credit ! Check out this feature right here.

Activating E-mail Updates Voting on LESPs

Validate your e-mail address and activate e-mail updates to receive 4 Credit Credit a night, absolutely free!

Please note that after activation you must log in at least once every 30 days to receive this Credit Credit for your account.

Extra Bonus! You will also qualify for Free Gift Codes being sent to your e-mail, which can often be special LESP Token rewards!

After completing Episode 1 for your first time, you can vote on newly released, or re-released, LESPs for a generous amount of Credit!

Users with Support Status will receive more Credit than others.

Note that these votes help determine the kind of LESPs that will be created for the game, so please put thought into how you're voting.

Player Hunting Rewards (Not Real PVP) Player Versus Player (Actual PVP)

First off, let me make one thing clear, PLAYER HUNTING IS NOT REAL PVP. It is AI controlled player parties currently Adventuring. So have no fear of animosity or competition while earrning rewards there.

Earn 3 Credit Credit for each party you defeat during Player Hunting!

You can read more about Hunting AI Controlled Player Parties here and you can view the current ranking here.

Earn a small amount of Credit Credit each time you complete a PVP Battle or Duel up to 10 times a day.

PVP games are scaled based on creature levels by default. If a PVP Battle lists scaling as off, you will likely be at a disadvantage.

You can read more about PVP battles here and participate in them by going there.

Please be aware of the relevant rules and remember that PVP is not required to unlock anything of particular importance here.

Grammar/Typo Check Sharing Links

Have you seen a typo or any awful usage of grammar? Report it with the "Help>Report a Problem" page and include any corrections you feel are needed.

You will receive Credit Credit for each valid report you send in.

Please do not bother reporting forum posts, very old news posts and user custom skill/creature descriptions. You will not earn Credit Credit for reporting those.

Earn 50 Credit Credit for each unique connection that signs up from your Share Link.

You can also earn a wide variety of other incredible rewards this way. Check out "Player>Rewards>Signups" to learn more about them.

Auctioning Trading

After acquiring Support Status you can earn Credit Credit by auctioning away valuables in exchange.

Beware that using the auction system to transfer credit or objects from one account you own to another is against the rules, and you will be banned if you are caught.

Even if you lack Support Status , you can still receive Credit Credit from players that do by successfully completing trades with them.

Beware that using the trade system to transfer credit or objects from one account you own to another is against the rules, and you will be banned if you are caught.

You can read more about how the trading system works right here.

Grind Superbs The Lottery

The Grinding Shop in Onyx City, during Episode 3 and later, will allow you to grind a Superb Creature into Credit Credit once every 24 hours.

Each month there is at least one Credit and Coin lottery. To participate, you can buy a ticket right here in the Credit Shop.

Claim Rewards Daily

Credit or other great prizes are given away once a day to players under the "Player>Rewards>Daily" menu.

Visit often and you can also earn several LESP Tokens.

Please note that these rewards, as well as your progress collecting them, resets every month.