List of Rules

Game Rules

Users are not allowed to do the following:

  1. Access this website if you are under 13 years of age. Please leave immediately if you are under 13.
  2. Own more than two accounts here. If a family member or a friend is playing here on your home network with you, please seek approval from someone at the Contact Page to play and trade together.
  3. Threaten the Administrator that they can, or will, hack the site. This is a serious offense that is more likely to result in an immediate ip address AND/OR account ban.
  4. Play against themselves in any form.
  5. Purposely lose PVP games to benefit another's, or their own, account.
  6. Abuse found game bugs instead of reporting them with "Help>Report a Problem".
  7. Dual log. Notify the administrator Ignis via e-mail at the information here or a moderator such as Acrii, Saless or butz in game if you share a connection with another player and need to receive protection.
  8. Buy your own items from the auction and/or trading system.
  9. Use the auction as a method of trading. Use the trade system for that.
  10. Use the auction and/or trading system as a method of storage for any accounts you have.
  11. Give away your account to other players without staff permission. This will lead to too many illegitimate transactions and possible account "donkeying".
  12. Abuse the auction and/or trading system as a method of credit, coin or any other object transferring between two accounts you have.
  13. Set up macros/bots to play the game for them. Failure to abide by this rule will lead to long term account restrictions.
  14. Set up scripts that alter how the game behaves. Using and/or distributing such scripts will result in a ban with no warning if you are discovered.
  15. Beg other users for real money, credit or any other in game items.
  16. Pimp your own creatures to yourself by using another account.
  17. Edit URL variables during the game. An example of this is changing the value of "game_id=" during battle.
  18. Mini-moderate. This means acting as if you are a moderator or have some authority in the game when you in fact do not.
  19. Attempt or plan to sell their account(s) to another individual without permission from Ignis. This is considered scamming, and could have your items confiscated and your account(s) banned.

Warning: Ignorance of these rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you break a rule, it is up to the administrator or moderator's discretion whether or not to ban your account, ip address, send you to Troll Prison, delete your account, or a combination of any of these.

Chat Room Rules

The following is a list of rules that must be adhered to in any chat room:

  1. No trolling, no spamming, no flaming and no bringing up a topic just to upset people.
  2. No links to Illegal content.
  3. The staff here are just people and deserve the same basic human respect as anyone else.
  4. Constructive criticism of PN is fine, but acting like a jerk that won't listen to reason may get you muted.
  5. Only English is allowed in public channels.
  6. No one's perfect, but please do your best to chill out.
  7. No racism.
  8. No putting down others for their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  9. The chat is not intended for any serious debates. Please stop discussing a subject if the staff asks you to.
  10. Do not attack anyone for talking openly about their life. Constructive advice is fine. If you don't know the difference, just be quiet.
  11. If a person is reasonably offended by a conversation or topic, it has to stop. If you are the offended person in question, be sure to voice it clearly instead of starting a fight. Escalating fights is just as bad as starting them.
  12. If you want to advertise your own project here, you should contact Ignis first. Perhaps he'd even be interested in an affiliation if you have actual traffic to contribute.
  13. Keep posted advertisements for your auctions short, infrequent and limited to the Help Room. If it starts to get annoying, you will be asked to stop.
  14. Do not argue with a staff member when you are told to follow a rule. Instead, in game mail Ignis in private about the disagreement if you think there was an injustice done to you.
  15. No linking Adult Content, such as pornography or dangerous activities in the chat room without a warning. It does not matter if the content exists within the game or not.