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List of Rules

Game Rules

Users are not allowed to do the following:

  1. Access this website if you are under 13 years of age. Please leave immediately if you are under 13.
  2. Own more than two accounts here. If a family member or a friend is playing here on your home network with you, please seek approval from someone at the Contact Page to play and trade together.
  3. Threaten the Administrator that they can, or will, hack the site. This is a serious offense that is more likely to result in an immediate ip address AND/OR account ban.
  4. Play against themselves in any form.
  5. Purposely lose PVP games to benefit another's, or their own, account.
  6. Abuse found game bugs instead of reporting them with "Help>Report a Problem".
  7. Dual log. Notify the administrator Ignis via e-mail at the information here or a moderator such as Acrii, Saless or butz in game if you share a connection with another player and need to receive protection.
  8. Spam the chatroom and/or forum.
  9. Advertise and promote other online games here.
  10. Buy your own items from the auction and/or trading system.
  11. Use the auction as a method of trading. Use the trade system for that.
  12. Use the auction and/or trading system as a method of storage for any accounts you have.
  13. Give away your account to other players without staff permission. This will lead to too many illegitimate transactions and possible account "donkeying".
  14. Abuse the auction and/or trading system as a method of credit and/or coin transferring between two accounts you have.
  15. Giving/trading items/credits/etc. here in exchange for other favors/items/etc. from a different game is forbidden.
  16. "Ridiculous" LESP item gift giving is not allowed. This means that if you are a long term player handing other players multiple stacks of hundreds of LESP items for nothing in return, you may be trade penalized.
  17. Set up macros/bots to play the game for them.
  18. Set up scripts that alter how the game behaves. Using and/or distributing such scripts will result in a ban with no warning if you are discovered.
  19. Beg other users for real money, credit or any other in game items.
  20. Pimp your own creatures to yourself by using another account.
  21. Artificial Bid Raising. If you want an item, bidding on it is fine, but doing some form of economic control by artificially raising auction prices on items/creatures you don't even want or need is not.
  22. Artificial Price Lowering. Like Artificial Bid Raising, this is not OK. If you're going to sell an item, make sure the currency you receive is enough to logically benefit your account.
  23. Post suggestions for the game in chat. Use "Help>Make a Suggestion" instead.
  24. Edit URL variables during the game. An example of this is changing the value of "game_id=" during battle.
  25. Consistently disrespect other players OR the game itself. If the first thing you do upon joining is either of these you may be sent to Troll Prison or in extreme cases, banned.
  26. Mini-moderate. This means acting as if you are a moderator or have some authority in the game when you in fact do not.
  27. Bother a member of the game's staff if you did not receive credit for a particular sign up. These request will be ignored.

Warning: Ignorance of these rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you break a rule, it is up to the administrator or moderator's discretion whether or not to ban your account, ip address, send you to Troll Prison, delete your account, or a combination of any of these.

General Chat Room Rules

The following is a list of rules that must be adhered to in any chat room:

  1. Do not purposefully start arguments just to upset people.
  2. The staff here are just people and deserve the same basic human respect as anyone else.
  3. Do not troll other players.
  4. Do not post any form of pornography in the game's chat or mailing system.
  5. If you are linking something that isn't quite porn, but also isn't Safe for Work, warn people before you post it.
  6. No links to illegal content.
  7. Only English is allowed in public channels.
  8. There are no restrictions on swearing, but don't go overboard. We're adults here and will ask you to stop if you do it too much.
  9. Absolutely no name calling and/or fighting. Most of us are pretty chill here, but we try to understand that everyone has their bad days.
  10. No racism.
  11. No putting down others for their sexual orientation. This is absolutely no different from racism here.
  12. No advertising other games. However, discussing them in an appropriate room is fine.
  13. Do not argue with a staff member when you are told to follow a rule. Instead, in game mail Ignis in private about the disagreement if you think there was an injustice done to you.
  14. Do not mini-moderate in the chat rooms. Leave it to moderators to tell players what they're doing wrong.
  15. No trolling, no spamming and no flaming.
  16. If a person is reasonably offended by a conversation or topic, it has to stop. If you are the offended person in question be sure to voice it clearly instead of starting a fight. Escalating fights is just as bad as starting them.
  17. Keep posted advertisements for your auctions short, infrequent and limited to the Game Room. If it starts to get annoying, you will be asked to stop or, in extreme cases, be muted.

Specific Chat Room Rules

The following is a list of rules that must be adhered to in each specific chat room:

  1. Game Room - Do not post advertisements or link other games here without the staff's permission. Generally discussions here should be about this game, but we allow light conversation that won't go too far. Limited debating. Limited whining. Please avoid serious topics such as politics, personal issues ect. Help needed with the game takes priority over all other discussions here. Please put them on hold when someone needs assistance. Auction/trade advertisements and trade-related discussions can only be posted in here.
  2. Discord Chat (Off-Topic Room) - A casual room that can be used to discuss anything legal and mostly unrelated to this game. No politics allowed.
  3. PVP Room - Players are forwarded to this room during PVP, so please stay on topic regarding battles in this game.