Limited Edition Soul Puppets


Users who make a payment to the game will receive a special puppet under the following conditions:

  • Their payment meets the minimum amount required.
  • The promotion for a special puppet is displayed on the buy credit page during purchase.

The following is NOT necessary to receive a Limited Edition Soul Puppet you have paid for:

  • It is NOT necessary to unlock a Soul Puppet that a LESP is based on first. For example, you do not have to unlock the normal Neko Soul Puppet to acquire a Neko Alice or Nekohontas when they are being offered.
  • You do NOT have to have the space necessary for additional creatures to acquire your Limited Edition Soul Puppet. For example, if you have 20 creatures and 20 creature storage slots, newly acquired LESPs from payments will go beyond your storage limit and still be delivered to you.

Active Limited Edition Soul Puppet(s)

Within a LESP species' status screen, click the LESP specific information icon to see information regarding its availability and pricing.

Complete List

A complete list of all the Limited Edition Soul Puppets can be viewed here.

LESP Power

Limited Edition Soul Puppets have higher stats and unique, more powerful skills than normal creatures. So if you are having trouble with the game, one of them is certainly a sound investment to progress easier and support the development of Pocket Nightmares at the same time.

LESP Availability

After a certain period of time, LESPs are tradeable, and many players buy more than one for the sake of selling off. You can receive older releases from Daily Log In Rewards and LESP Tokens.