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Bounty Hunting


Selecting Bounty Hunting while setting up an adventure presents unique circumstances compared to other rewards. This lesson explains what happens.

Finding Bounties

Your chance of finding a bounty is directly influenced by your party's TE. Note that 100% TE guarantees you an encounter with a random, powerful boss when at least one is available in a given area. Pay close attention to the Adventuring Information during area selection to make sure.

You can read more about TE and other rewards right here.

Bounties can also be encountered with the Wanted Poster, however, Ultra Boss attributes will not be reduced by either TE or the Player Growth Attribute Adventurer .

Bounty List

You can see a list of every bounty and its rewards by looking up the category "Bounties" at "Information>Search>Creatures".

Boss Strength

The strength of these Ultra Bosses will be determined by several factors:

  • The difficulty you are currently on (Increases its attributes and level).
  • Your adventuring party's average level (Increases its level).
  • Your adventuring party's TE (Decreases its attributes).
  • Your Player Growth Attribute Adventurer (Decreases its attributes).

Please remember that Holiday Bosses you can Bounty Hunt, and any Bounties encountered using the Wanted Poster do not receive an attribute reduction.

Bounty Rewards

The rewards these bosses offer are rare and can vary from hard-to-get building items to LESP produced ones.

Upon defeat, you will receive every reward a Bounty possesses. You can increase the amount of each of these rewards by battling it on a higher difficulty.

You can also acquire Boss Trophies by defeating the bosses on a required difficulty.