Player Trading

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The purpose of the Trading List is to aid you and other players in searching for a trade. You can find this menu under "Player>Trading>Build/Edit Trading List".

Setting Up

First you select what you want. If the request is very general, it is recommended you choose to describe it instead. However, bear in mind that the more specific you are about what you want, the more relevant deals you will receive from other players.

Specific creatures, items and equips selected for either what you want or what you're offering will be appear in other players' quick searches, assuming they're looking for what you have or want something that you're offering of course.

After that, you select what you're offering. Players will see your offer regardless of whether or not they have the object in question, but if you don't have a specific demand and want to be general, just use the description.

Click "Submit Trade List" entry when you're finished.

Writing Your Description

Your description should be polite and it is recommended that you follow the proper syntax rules for maximum visibility. Here is the syntax you should use when listing a specific creature, equip, item or marble:

  • Creatures: When listing a creature, use the syntax cr:species_name. For example, a Succubus would be listed as cr:succubus and a Bloody Mary would be listed as cr:bloody_mary.
  • Equipment: When listing an equip, use the syntax eq:base_type_name. For example, an Alien Ray Gun would be listed as eq:alien_ray_gun and a Boomstick would be listed as eq:boomstick.
  • Items: When listing an item, use the syntax it:item_name. For example, Bloody Gummies would be listed as it:bloody_gummies and a Lizard Tail Weeny would be listed as it:lizard_tail_weeny.
  • Marbles: When listing a marble, use the syntax ma:marble_name, no quotations. Including "'s" or "Marble" is unnecessary. For example, Slinger's Marble would be written as ma:slinger.

Aside from that you can write your description more naturally. It's important to remember that anytime there's a "space" in something's name that you use an underscore "_" instead of an actual space.

Important Tip: You can double check your work by viewing the public version of your page. If your description looks good there, you very likely wrote it all correctly.

Search Trades

After building your own list, you can do a quick lookup of deals you may want with the search options available in the "Camp>Quick Actions" menu.

Re-Arranging Your List

Use the arrows below a trade entry to move it down or up in your trading list.