Psychological Disorders


Psychological disorders affect Player Growth Attributes. Raising some as well as lowering others.


If you have completed Episode 1 you can select a Psychological Disorder under "Player>Account>Game Options". You are encouraged to select the one you most relate to.


The cons associated with a Psychological Disorder can be treated temporarily, but never cured, by purchasing drugs within the Credit Shop right here. Please note that you cannot purchase drugs for a Psychological Disorder you do not have.


You can revert to an Undiagnosed Psychological Disorder by purchasing this credit shop item.

Listed Disorders & their Effects

Undiagnosed No Effect
Attention Deficit Disorder enchanter10% bankroller10% hunter-10%
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder student10% dismantler10% painter-10%
Kleptomania thief10% bankroller10% student-10%
Hypersexuality breeder5% hunter10% harvester-10%
Gender Identity Disorder breeder5% adventurer10% bankroller-10%
Schizophrenia adventurer10% harvester10% breeder-10%
Autism dismantler10% smith10% tattooist-10%
Bipolar Disorder painter10% tattooist10% enchanter-10%
Anxiety Disorder painter10% student10% adventurer-10%
Depression tattooist10% splicer5% dismantler-10%
Borderline Personality Disorder alchemist5% hunter10% splicer-5%