Every time a player's creature gains a level, the player will receive 10% of the total EXP that creature needed for its current level. For each level a player then gains from this EXP, the player will receive multiple Growth Points Growth.

For example, if a creature needed a total of 600 EXP to reach level 7, the player would gain 60 EXP points that contribute to their own level when it levels up.

This effect is cumulative. If a creature gains multiple levels you will gain 10% of the required EXP for yourself for each level that creature gained.


You can access your Player Growth menu by going to "Player>Growth" at the top of most pages.

Unlocking Attributes

Many of these attributes must be unlocked by advancing further in the story.

Player Attributes

Players have several attributes they can spend Growth Points Growth to increase.

You can view all of your available Player Growth Attributes and details on what they do under your Player Growth page, which is located at Player>Growth. Hover over or tap the underlined ? on the page for more details for each particular bonus.


Every player growth attribute maxes at 25 points.

Resetting Attributes

If you want your Growth Points Growth returned to you, you can buy the Growth Reset item from the Credit Shop.

Whenever the administrator makes big changes to the Player Growth Attributes, players will be given Atrophy Coins to reset for free. So spend your points without fear of in-game change.