First Superb

What are They?

First Superbs are the first of a species discovered by normal players.

Do They Get Bonuses?

Due to the limited unfair nature of such a thing, no. They do receive a flashy icon on their profile however, and you'll receive a permanent place amongst the player base in the First Superb List. Provided you never delete the creature, of course.

Which Creatures Qualify?

The majority of normal and premium creatures do as long as it makes sense for them. It's safe to assume that if you can acquire it, a First Superb of a new category member is possible.

You can view the Creature Categories lesson for exact details here.

How to Race for Them

If you have the credit to spare, there's a couple of categories listed here that offer a chance to race directly for a specific species that hasn't been discovered yet.

Otherwise, the method of obtaining First Superb will vary by their category, and those conditions can all be viewed here.

Release Time

All new creatures are released at Midnight Server Time, UTC-0. Try to be present during the server daily rollover if they interest you. Check "Community>News" for confirmation of what's been released.