Puppet Viruses


These viruses were introduced unintentionally to Niflheim by the Toymaker's creations, therefore they have been aptly named "Puppet Viruses".


Puppet Viruses can be contracted when creatures spend time together. At birth they can be received from their parents (half the normal chance, does not affect LESPs), LESP Battle Breeding and from the Breeding Shop. Keep in mind, however, that aside from contracting and inflicting them, PVs do not affect LESP Battle Breeding in any other way.


PVs can be removed at Tattoo Shops. You can also overwrite a negative PV like Eye Pox with a positive one like Jungle Fever.


Several LESP Produced scents reduce Immunodeficiency and can help prevent PVs during breeding. You can go to "Information>Items>Search" to learn more.

PV List

Name Spread Chance Effect
Adorable Lice1% Breeding Style Effect +50%, Immunodeficiency: -10%
Bouncy Fungai5% Defect Effect +1%
Spicy Skin Nuggets25% Immunodeficiency: +15%, Breeding Style Effect +7%
Murphy Worm1% Defect Effect +2.5%, Breeding Quality Effect +3.00%, Immunodeficiency: +100%, Failure +10%
Yummy Brain Leak10% Immunodeficiency: +50%, Breeding Style Effect +30%
Dancing Crabs15% Immunodeficiency: +50%, Breeding Quality Effect +2.00%
Harlequin Infection1% Defect Effect +5%, Breeding Quality Effect +1.50%, Immunodeficiency: +100%, Failure +10%
Erotic Stalk Hair25% Immunodeficiency: +25%, Breeding Quality Effect +1.00%
Gorgeous Open Wound10% Immunodeficiency: +100%
Skin Cupcake15% Immunodeficiency: +25%, Breeding Style Effect +15%
Sensual Eye Pox10% Immunodeficiency: +75%, Breeding Quality Effect +3.00%
Butt Stallion1% Breeding Quality Effect +3.50%, Immunodeficiency: -10%
Stylish Black Spot1% Immunodeficiency: +100%, Failure -0.1%