Eggs carry Soul Puppets that quickly grow larger after being hatched.


There are several ways you can acquire eggs in the game:

  • As after battle rewards within a dungeon; read this page for more details. Note that new creatures are usually found in more difficult dungeons.
  • From egg shops such as Whiley's. Note that there isn't anything you can do that will influence the quality of the eggs there.

You can improve your chances of discovering rare eggs within dungeons by increasing the Player Growth Attribute of Hunter Hunter and by purchasing the Credit Shop Key Item Lucky Charm .

Hidden Quality

Quality will always be hidden from your view while a Soul Puppet is still an egg, unless you have the Credit Shop Key Item X-ray glasses .

Quality Chance

Higher quality eggs are more difficult to find. Within the following table you will see the base chances of acquiring an egg of a specific quality.

Quality Base Chance
Poor Fallback in the case of failure to obtain any other type.
Average 15%
Good 7.05%
Great 1.02%
Superb .050%

Please note that this table does not take into account bonuses from the Player Growth Attribute Hunter Hunter, Consecutive Wins within dungeons and the Credit Shop Key Item Lucky Charm .

Eggs can also be painted to increase their quality. You can read more about this right here.