About Soul Puppets


Soul Puppets are collectible, half-living creatures that are controlled by the whims of your spirit. You can also possess one's body and use it as a host, thereby increasing its power and taking on its appearance within Niflheim.


The first versions of each Soul Puppet type were crafted with sections of dead body tissue the Toymaker took from a local cemetery. He then used a forbidden book of black magic to bring them to life.

Their animal-like instincts then lead to breeding and egg laying. Eventually, though rarely, the Soul Puppets began to evolve into more powerful creatures than their original ancestors.


You can only own a limited amount of these and other creatures, but it is possible to expand the limit by purchasing the Credit Shop item Creature Storage Creature Storage.


You can manipulate your Soul Puppets at will within your "Camp>Creatures" menu.

Complete List

To view a complete list of every normal Soul Puppet, go to "Information>Search>Creatures", select "Soul Puppet" under Category and click "Search".

Finding Eggs

Soul Puppet eggs can be acquired through events, from shops like Whiley's, and from dungeons as rewards.