Bloody Mary Species

Base Species

One of the earliest Soul Puppets crafted by the Toymaker, its inability to evolve beyond its hideous state led to him driving nails through every remaining one of their necks out of spite.

The cruel action instilled in them a hatred of their creator few Soul Puppets can match, granting them the capability to hex and debilitate their enemies in truly awful ways on the battlefield.

Miscellaneous Information

Weapon TypeDagger
Artist Ignis
"Stealable" Item Alcohol
Kin Construct
Category Soul Puppet

Soul Puppets Eggs are unlocked via the means listed here and acquirable from Dungeons, Breeding and NPC Shops.

Attribute Information

HP280 EP120 STR60 VIT70
MGC100 RES80 DEX90 SPD60
BTM WHT100 GenderF Style Hidden ?
fire0 % water0 % light-10 % dark10 %
earth5 % wind-5 %