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Why Play Pocket Nightmares?

A Delightfully Twisted Story

Pocket Nightmares' is an RPG with a delightfully twisted story that takes place in the early 1900's of Germany.

Under the guise of a humble Toymaker, a new Master of Puppets has arrived that snatches away the souls of children to be used as animated toys in his twisted board game.

Challenging Battles

Become a Master of Puppets yourself and use Soul Puppets, fleshcrafted dolls animated by the power of your own spirit, to take on the game's challenging battles that allow using your wits instead of just grinding.

But fear not if this intimidates you, there is a Casual difficulty setting for those who feel less inclined to take a repeated beating.

Hundreads of Collectable Monsters

From seductive Succubi to adorable Ghosts this game has hundreds of varied Collectible Monsters that could be cute, attractive or downright grotesque. It takes a serious amount of work to unlock and collect them all, so a hardcore, OCD gamer won't get bored here anytime soon!

Tons of Monster Customization

There are lots of cool things with your monsters here. These are some examples:

  • Form your creatures into a party and battle through the game's story and sidequests.
  • Equip them with different armaments scattered throughout the game and enhance those armaments with Smithing.
  • Possess a specific monster to grant it more power and take on its appearance.
  • Modify their colors and additional skills as they grow in power.
  • Tattoo monsters to enhance various attributes.
  • Grind them up into rare items or meals for your other creatures if they are of no use to you.
  • Use them to breed new and higher quality creatures.
  • Rebirth them at the maximum level for an attribute bonus and start all over again.
  • Send them away on adventures to collect valuable rewards while you do other things.
  • Not satisfied with all of that? Then create your very own creature for FREE from the ground up. You can choose its artwork or submit your own!
Plenty of Content to Enjoy

Here's many examples of the other things you can do here:

  • Discover and unlock a multitude of breeding combinations to acquire special new creatures.
  • Complete a large number of sidequests that could help you earn new rewards or learn advanced game mechanics.
  • Take your masochistic gaming to the next level by conquering the Challenge Book's battles. We track the number of player deaths in there for a reason!
  • Unlock access to nearly a hundred other Soul Puppets with varying abilities.
  • Discover and research genes that allow you to modify the genetic structure of your creatures, enhancing their sex appeal and battle prowess!
  • Collect dozens of extra skills that can be assigned freely to creatures of your choosing at higher levels.
  • Slaughter as many foes as you can stand to complete an extensive Blood Diary.
  • Acquire disciplines that allow you to temporarily modify a creature's abilities, at a cost, during battle.

Your Opinion Matters

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...Just don't get carried away. Ignis has the final say on things here and you need to be able to maturely respect that.

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